BBS aka ArabFunnys is a Palestinian-American comedian, rapper, and entertainer most notably known for his super popular Youtube hit comedy skit series “Arab Driving School“.    We caught up with the San Jose, CA, native for this exclusive interview where he discusses his upcoming projects, his quick rise to fame, and his love for his Batata heads.  Check it out!

What do you enjoying doing more? Making music or doing comedy?

Honestly I can’t lie to u I put my 100% into my music and when making videos or doing comedy skits so it would be unjust for me to say I love one more than the other . They’ve both been my passion since I was a kid. Music and makin people smile.

Is your driving school still running?

Haha yessir!!! How could I ever stop making driving schools lol Abu Batata has a long record of students comin from famous people to his close friends stay tuned for that.
Do you consider it a successful venture?

Of course . If anything I believe that I’ve opened the door for many cultures to bond over my driving school videos and cause me to be known around the world for that so yes it was a successful venture.
What surprises you the most about your fans?

Ohh man. I call my fans my batataheads! haha Honestly my fans are probably the most loyal, craziest, loudest, most loving, and caring people I’ve ever met. Always have my back no matter what I choose. They’re  not really fans anymore they’re more like my kids, ha.  My fans range from like little kids literally to grown grandparents, I love it.
Did you ever envision yourself becoming this popular in such a short amount of time?

If you would of came to me 2 years ago and showed me a clip of my life now and the success and fame I’ve built, I’d laugh at you and tell you that was a lie . I knew my drive and passion for this was crazy but I never knew I’d build this huge international fan base that takes years, in such a short time . And all I can say is thank you and I love my fans and everyone that’s supported me.
What would you be doing if you didn’t have music/comedy?

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d probably be doing my first educational passion of being a fireman . That’s what I wanted to do.  Everyone had dreams as a kid mine was a fireman and I almost had it . I just decided to go the route of being known for the talent i was born with.
Do you ever feel like Shareef is your long lost brother?

Haaaa Shareef! My main man! That dude is not my long lost brother . Sometimes, I think he’s that little dark dark burnt skinned Palestinian we lost in the hospital, haha.  He speaks Arabic and loves Arab girls, I swear he’s my right hand man.  Shout out to him and BEEE real ENT.
You guys seem to do your best work when you collaborate together. How is it working with him?

Working with Shareef isn’t really work. It’s more like an adventure in its own little world. I kid you not, it takes us longer to stop laughing than to shoot videos . He’s a character tho. Everything he’s been thru and he still stands strong.  I love that guy like a brother loves his own!
What can we expect from BBS in 2013?

BBS in 2013? Ohh man what can I say without getting in trouble by my management and labels and them big time illuminati people… I mean what ! Hahahah naaaa real talk the album titled ” Through the eyes of a real man” releases this September. Mixtape drops June, music collabs with Edo productions, KMG, a lot of big names and big things in my future. Also, a lot of cities gonna be seeing BBS and it’s all just beginning . Also, get ready cuz I see a record deal comin. I can’t speak about it but look mama we doing it.
Love y’all thank you for giving me this opportunity to share a little part of me with you guys. Shout out to my team BEEE REAL ENT, HABIBTEES, all them folks that have had my back.   HOOKAH BEATS always been there for me since day 1 LOVE Y’ALL!!! LETS GO!