The milestone week continues in Middle East hip-hop, as the digital revolutionary music movement continues to pick up steam throughout the region after the publishing of our article:  ”My Music X festival fails regional hip-hop scene miserably.”

(Article can be read here:

This was followed by a great groundbreaking piece titled “‘My Music X’ faces the music from regional artists” written in the Saudi Gazette by Mariam Nihal. The article published yesterday in the Saudi Arabian newspaper, shed even more light on the issue by sharing exclusive quotes from a majority of the artists involved.

(Article can be read here:  ‘My Music X’ faces the music from regional artists)

Tonight, myself (DEEN), Sphinx, & Ghost will be interviewed live on the radio by the one & only, Big Hass, for his show “Laish hip-hop?” on MIX FM (Saudi Arabia) at 9:45pm KSA time/11:45am PST.  We will be discussing the My Music X debacle, janky promoters, and what we need to do to help uplift the regional hip-hop scene.

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