U.K. artist A.D. moved to Egypt in 2008 & with his talent & persistence, got signed to Arab League Records. Before that, he was introduced to Hip Hop by his sister & started rapping to Tupac & B.I.G songs at the age of 15 while writing his own lyrics at 16. These lyrics were more poetry & spoken word than rap, & were about the racism, bullying & similar issues he’s faced. When he turned 17, A.D’s first serious venture into the Hip Hop world as an artist came in the form of a friend cajoling A.D. into rapping his experiences over a beat. As simple as that. Influenced by Lowkey, Lupe Fiasco & other conscious rap artists, A.D. has released a mixtape “A.D.’s Mixtape Just The Beginning Vol 1.” (Download here) & is working on two albums scheduled to drop in 2013 & 2014.

On a piano-riddled beat produced by Shadowville, A.D. & Sphinx (of Arabian Knightz) rap about the revolution in Egypt & give us a first hand experience of what was going on in the epicenter of the uprising, Tahrir Square. The passion these two artists put into the track is easily felt & their descriptive lyrics creates images in your mind that leave you in thought & in prayer for the people of Egypt & other countries struggling with tyrannical elements ruling over & punishing their good citizens.

One of A.D.’s goals in Hip Hop is to bring back the real voice of Hip Hop, which is the deliverance of a message in song & rhyme form. One can only hope that the world decides to open it’s eyes to reality & let go of useless bling-bling/trashy garbage many of us have come to idolize out of ignorance & stupidity. To those that have already seen the light, give “Liberation” a listen, & liberate those around you with this song!

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