If I’m not mistaken, this is the first EP released by Ayzee, the land of Arabia’s own RnB/Soul singer. With the intention to prove to the world that the Middle East is home to a bunch of high quality artists & musicians, he brought us six tracks featuring Hip Hop heavyweight Freeway, UAE’s own DJ Bliss & MH.

Produced by AyProductions, the EP introduces a new level of fresh I, personally, haven’t heard much of from the Middle East. Point proven Ayzee, you’ve definitely shown the world that Hip Hop & RnB music in the region is not a bunch of closet recorders or kids with loads of money looking for free studio time because they’d rather spend it on big brand names & what-not! Ok, back to the point, passion: check! Sound: check! Style: check! Great project: check! I’d have to say “Spaceship” is my fave track off this EP!

Peep the EP, available for free download! & if you hate, I must congratulate you on being a (in the infamous words of character Red Forman from “That ’70s Show”) dumbass!

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