Hailing from Dade CountyMiami, the Arab with a record of one DatPiff.com sponsored mixtape (Charger Muzik, hosted by DJ Affect) & a video, here’s Arab Trilla, aka the Real Sand N*****!  A former DJ, Trilla is influenced by the likes of Tupac, Biggie, Scarface, Andre3000 & artists from other genres.

For those that know what the term n*gga means, but not sand n*gga, it’s basically a racial slur directed towards a person of Middle Eastern descent.  Desert, Sand…get it?  Ok, now that that’s out of the way, the bearded Syrian-American rapper from the Southern state of Florida steps up into the game with a video & song that defines who he is & what Arab Trilla is about.

A video that, I think, was shot in his neighborhood, with a banging beat & a catchy hook, usually, this is where the buck stops with most trap type songs, but right here, if you get with the lingo, Arab Trilla’s link to his roots is evident, with the obvious state side influence. Arabs, & those that have lived around them, will pick up on his lyrics & go, “Well, yea, the guy is an Arab!”

Check the video out, I bet you’ll dig it, I know I did & I’ll be copping his mixtape too (download it here)! & no, he’s not the Arab Rick Ross, keep those comparisons at the door. You can find out his opinion on that comparison, & more, in an exclusive interview we’ve got with the Trilla!

“Real Sand N*gga, I’m a Real Sand N*gga!”

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