Hailing from Dade County, Miami, Arab Trilla is a Syrian-American rapper that has been generating quite a buzz for himself since the recent release of his DJ Affect hosted mixtape, “Charger Muzik”.  We caught up with Trilla for this exclusive interview where he tells us about them lemon heads, the importance of his heritage, and them Rick Ross comparisons.  Check it out!

Aiite, let’s get right to it, are you trying to be the Arab Rick Ross?

(Laughs) Not at all, I’m just being ARAB TRILLA. Now if the perception is that by the people then so be it, but in no way shape or form am I trying to be like Rick Ross. I respect what he has done, and put our city on the map the last half of the decade, but I’m in my own lane. My music will speak for itself. Shout out the big homie Rozay!

What is life like growing up as an arab in Dade County?

I grew up like everyone else. Same problems same struggles, just got yelled at in a different language and ate different dinner compared to the “norm”.

Who are some of your musical influences and what inspired you to become a rapper?

My influences come from various places. I didn’t and don’t just listen to rap. Growing up the movie “Juice” inspired me to become a dj. A year after getting my turntables, I was rocking at pep rallies, all age’s night clubs, house parties, & ice skating rinks. I knew I had more to offer than sit behind the tables and mic check every so often, so I began writing. As I mentioned, I listened to various genres of music. I remember using the vacuum cleaner as a stand up mic and lip sync to my favorite songs as kid. Rap wise, my influences are Buckshot (Boot Camp Clique), Andre 3000, Scarface, and of course the legends 2 Pac and B.I.G.

What is a “lemon head”?

(Laughs) A lemon head is a hater. Think of a lemon’s taste. It’s sour, and something that shouldn’t be tasted alone pause, so my reference to a hater is the fact that they are sour that you are doing well.

You’ve received a lot of positive and negative response to your music video and song release “Real Sand Nigga”.  How much does fan response affect you?

Truthfully, it doesn’t affect me at all. Being in this game, you must be ready to handle whatever is thrown or said about you. I don’t take it personally. I salute the people that embrace me, and I appreciate the lemon heads that took the time to watch/listen to my music, bet for the hit!

How do you measure your success as an artist?

I base it off the people. When I’m rocking shows, selling music, and being watched means I’m successful.

Can you tell us about your upcoming projects?

I’m currently pushing my latest release “Charger Muzik” hosted by Dj Affect, which is available for download on datpiff.com. I just shot the video for “Fug if you don’t feel me” off “Charger Muzik” which will be up on Youtube/ARABTRILLAMEDIA asap, and I’m doing features and dropping freestyles on SoundCloud.com/ARAB TRILLA as well. I’m collecting beats from my producers to begin writing “Charger Muzik” Vol. 2 which doesn’t have a release date yet.

How important is it for you to maintain your ethnic identity and to rep where you’re from?

Extremely important, through music I have the opportunity to share my language, heritage, and culture which is close to my heart, and runs through my veins.

What are some of your interests outside of music?

Basketball! I help train, and coach kids (teenagers) on developing skills, and placing them in better environments. If I can keep a kid off the street for 2 hours with the interest in hooping, then that’s 2 less hours of potential crime that kid could be getting into.

What do you hope to contribute to the perception of the Middle East and its people?

That we can snap with the best of them! (Laughs). I want to encourage my people to follow their passion whatever is might be even if its discouraged in our strict households. I’m not saying to disobey, but to follow and live out dreams. It’s time to have some legends and remembrance of our people across the globe in a good light, not only being known and stereotyped as “terrorists”.

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