If there ever was a MMG release that you could play in public without having to worry about the cussing (save a couple of songs) & lyrical content that’s more than just your everyday run-of-the-mill raps, this would be the pick of the litter.

Stalley, a Muslim rap artist hailing from Ohio, built a strong following through music that is more than rapping about women & money. With a preference to not cuss, how Stalley is able to hold his own in the company of Rick Ross & the MMG family is an inspiration to many. At a time where labels sign artists for their buzz then force them into a mold that almost nullifies said buzz, Stalley is allowed to be himself & stick to his roots.

The mixtape (his fourth independent release) comes almost a year after the release of “Lincoln Way Nights“, & features MMG boss Rick Ross, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz & Curren$y, among others. Note that almost every instrumental in the mixtape is produced by Block Beattaz, so there’s almost a consistent feel to the mixtape, even the “Party Heart” track that I particularly dig. Since we’ve established that Stalley is one that holds to his views & roots, expect a mixtape that may not be the jewel in the crown of his career, but another in a series of music that will support & lead to a future piece of Hip Hop mastery!

Listen to & download the mixtape! Tell us what you think!


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