Moh Flow dropped his third mixtape recently, produced by Ayham of A Y Productions. The Syrian rap artist reppin’ Jeddah and Dubai comes with some head-nodding Hip Hop, with lyrics that people residing in the Middle East or not, Arabs or not, can relate to.

For a guy I thought was a chilled rap artist, this mixtape goes pretty hard. With an obvious skill for story-telling, Moh Flow gives us eleven tracks packed with passion & a punch. I think my favorite track would have to be “Time After Time“, definitely because the song mirrors my opinions & feelings. You see, it’s like I said, anyone from any walk of life can relate to this mixtape.

This Run Junction member impresses me with his great work-ethic & another mixtape within a short span of time. From a region that’s got a lot of wannabe rap artists who’re just butt-lazy but always complain about the lack of a music industry & fan-base, this dude is “Far from your typical…” & is one of the few artists leading the way for a well deserved change.

Check the track list & download his mixtape here.

01.Born Ready (Intro)


03.Common Enemy Pt.2

04.No Love (In The City)

05.Time After Time feat. Vizion

06.Pardon Me

07.Typical Arab

08.Vibe with me

09.Right Back Atchu feat. Anas Arabi

10.Back At It (Freestyle)

11.Dreamchaser (Bonus Track)

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