Talib Kweli was set for a big year, but things don’t seem to be going according to plan. The hype started with the announcement and release of Talib’s mixtape Attack the Block. Then he revealed an album was set for November release, but that has now been delayed.

In his recent radio interview, Talib Kweli shared the information that his album Prisoner of Consciousness would not meet the November 20 release date due to label issues. The rapper states that his label, Blacksmith Records, is being shut down slowing down the release. With Power 105 in New York City, Talib states,

“It [the album] was originally supposed to come out on Blacksmith/EMI/Capitol, it’s not longer coming out on EMI/Blacksmith/Capitol. It was my label, we have now dismantled it. “I have a label called Javotti Media, which I put my last album Gutter Rainbows on, so it’s now coming out on Javotti/EMI/Capitol. But in order to make the transition, I pushed it back a couple of months. I’m looking at February.”

Talib also spoke about the roles change his manager Cory Smith now has. “Me and my manager Cory Smith, he’s still my manager. We still got a lot of work to do. He just partnered up with Red Light Entertainment, he’s doing more of the managing thing. So it’s hard for him to focus on the label thing. For me, I’ve gotta focus on getting the music out. I was successful with Gutter Rainbows with Javotti, shout out to Dru-Ha and Noah from 3D Distribution, and I’m doing it myself at this point,” he says.

While fans have to wait a little longer for Prisoner of Consciousness, Talib Kweli’s mixtape “Attack The Block” is still fresh music. The project has been produced by Z-Trip and features Ryan Leslie, Mac Miller, Das Racist, and Lil Wayne, to name a few.  The 18-song collection has impressed the masses. In fact, it left such an impression on Australian singer Peter Andre, one of Talib’s verses off of “Fly Away” is heard on Andre’s album. Unfortunately this was done without Talib Kweli’s permission as he posted on Twitter,

“wow @mrpeterandre you just take people verses from other songs and put them on your album? Thats what hot in the streets? ok… whoehtver produced Fly Away for @mrpeterandre is a douchebag. They took my verse from another song w/out permission. It’s abt to be a fun week.”

New label arrangements and an unaccredited feature, it’s no wonder Talib needed the extra time to put out his album. Let’s hope the 2013 release is worth the wait.

In the meanwhile, check out Talib Kweli‘s “Attack The Block” mixtape for free download, here:


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