Ladies & gentlmen! On the east side of the Atlantic Ocean, hailing from Egypt, at a combined cause of promoting positivity, just values, Arab Unity & affirming their Islamic identities, the voices of the voiceless, the Cairo trio, Arabian Knightz! & guess what? They’ve finally released their album, “Uknighted State of Arabia” (USA, get it?), on the 21st of August! To E-Money, Rush & Sphinx, from the Mideast Dynasty team, hats off, & we wish you the best!

AK are no strangers to the MidEast Dynasty team, we have written articles & interviewed them a few times. Check them out:

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So, it’s obvious that these guys are lyrical, talented & full of passion for this wonderful art we call Rap. We’ll probably have an album review out soon, but while that’s in the works, I shall write about the album release.

With multiple features on the album, production from well known west coast producer Fred Wreck, a bunch of videos promoting the album & a distribution deal with Empire Distribution, this album looks like it’s going to bring about some changes to the way Rap music is taken in the region.

Previously due for release in 2011, Arabian Knightz have faced multiple issues that delayed it until this week. One of the issues is the case of censorship by the Egyptian government, & I don’t mean the censorship of cuss words & the likes, I mean censorship of ideas, expression & freedom of speech (for those that will say these values are not in line with Islam, bring it on, you brainwashed weaklings)! The fight against evil & for the truth is on-going though, & so, since any mainstream or “legal” avenue to release & distribute their album in Arabia was blocked by lowly government croonies (is the “new” Egyptian government a new face on an old body?), Arabian Knightz decided to go independent & release it via their street team & online! Good on them!

Now, the release, I think, is a show of all out effort, passion & proper planning, a concept many labels in the region have not grasped, & artists have not been able to “create” due to limited resources or a lack of passion! Will this release bring on a positive change for artists & Hip Hop fans in the region? I hope so. It is sad that so many talented artists in the region are not getting the love & recognition they deserve from their own people, & worldwide. Ok, I went of on a tangent, sue me. Where was I? Ah, the release. Yes, a few of the things they’ve done, via their label, Arab League Records

-  will hold a record release party on the 30th of August in Cairo

-  have arranged for a digital release on iTunes (due to a technical gaff by iTunes, the album won’t be out until the 28th of August but is up for pre-order)

-  have an extensive & growing street team based in Egypt (if you’re any good at geography, you’ll know that Egypt & her population are huge, mashaALLAH)

-  have released a bunch of promo vidoes recorded by regional & international artists (most notably General Steele from Smif-N-Wessun)

-  have released four videos to promote the album (“al Donia Mooled“, “Ya ALLAH“, “Fokkak” & “Sisters“), and so on.

Somehow, I feel that the promotion of the album may have been the easiest to execute.

So, to end, here’s what you can do as an AK fan & to show your support for good quality Hip Hop music. Buy their album, share as much as you can of their album, videos, singles, articles etc, tweet about them, facebook about them, talk about them or even join their street team (you’ll find info on the AK website).

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