Mohamed El Deeb aka Deeb first graced us with his presence back in 2005 while apart of the Egyptian Hip-Hop group Asfalt.  Two years later, he left the band and created Wighit Nazar, a duo that included himself along with rapper Mohamed Yasser.  Their success lasted from 2007 to 2010 and ended after Deeb made the decision to move forward as a solo artist.  By December of 2010, he dropped his first solo EP Cairofornia and hit single “Bilady” (My Country), which proved Deeb was an artist that could single-handly capture the attention of a mass audience.

As a socially conscious rapper and poet, Deeb has successfully used hip-hop to ignite the youth to take a stand for Egypt.  His loyalty to his people was made quite clear as he stood side-by-side demonstrators in Tahrir Square and also by his choice to rap in Arabic – the language of those he hoped to influence most.  Understanding the power of his role in society, Deeb explains that “In the end, as artists, it’s up to us to remind the people their right to freedom of expression without fear of persecution.”

Off his upcoming album Cold Peace, Deeb releases the single “Maw3ood.”  This track opens with the heartfelt vocals of legendary singer Abdel Halim Hafez and then attacks us with Deeb’s poetically charged lyrics.  Abdel Halim’s original song “Maw3hood” translates to the promise and destiny of suffering – a tone Deeb applies to his track while referencing the Arab Spring.  Overall, Deeb ultimately centers on the need for social equality, education, justice, and rebuilding his homeland.

Check out Deebs video for “Maw3ood” which focuses on the streets of Egypt and highlights everything from the walls filled with political graffit to sharing the humble faces of his people.

Deeb “Maw3ood” - Official Music Video

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