Khaki Mustafa & SEP’s (Southeast Productions) track “Jenny” is a single made to bring awareness about the harsh realities of prostitution and is a song that should be played on every radio station across the nations. Their message about prostitution is filled with nothing but blatant truth.

John TV was allowed by Khaki Mustafa & SEP to add video clips to their single “Jenny” which is uploaded on YouTube. The video is a 4min 13second clip, that shows various illegal activities involving prostitutes that take place on Oklahoma City’s infamous street, Robinson Avenue, known as a hub for prostitution.  The images are nothing vulgar, but just series of visuals depicting the harsh realities of the streets.

The track is based around a female character named, Jenny, who suffered from sexual abuse by her very own father. The track talks about her journey from a baby, to a prostitute, to a lost soul, an overall victim of life. In the track, Khaki Mustafa & SEP also sends a message to all the “Jennys” of the world, asking them to be strong, take control of their lives and pray. The production on the track is slick, but it’s the message in the lyrics that really drives the song home.

If only we could get more commercial radio stations to realize the importance of playlisting songs like this, I believe it would be a great step forward towards making a positive change in society.  Every year thousands of cases involving sexual abuse occur, both in rural and urban areas. Regardless of race or religion the crime/sin happens. One of the main reasons for its occurrence is the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Take a few minutes and check out the video clip:

Khaki Mustafa & SEP “Jenny”

Khaki Mustafa, an Arab American from Portland, Oregon is a rapper that has earned respect.  His material has always been good.  “Jenny” is a track from Khaki Mustafa & SEP’s (Southeast Productions) latest album “The Dark Ages & Brighter Days”.

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