Straight outta Compton, a Muslim music artist named Kumasi, from the gang that hang with The Game, dude. Ok, that’s enough of that. So, here we have Kumasi (no, not the second major city of Ghana; yes, my wikipedia game goes hard), a young black male from Compton doing Hip Hop music. “Ah”, you say, “what’s so special about that? N.W.A. & a load of other artists are from Compton, we know what they’re about!” Well, not really. Kumasi comes to us with an Islamic gospel album, or, going by the title of his album, “Soul Music“, Islamic soul music. Could you have imagined that?

Kumasi Simmons, aka Kumaserati, is a Goodwill Ambassador of the USA, has been associated with rap artists Malik Yusuf, The Game & Kanye West & who may or may not have been signed to Black Wall Street (check out the video Kumasi – The Way I Be Leaning on BWSTV that keeps the rumor alive). Now, Kumasi does the conscious rap thing, delivering a message to the people about racism, poverty & unity, but, listen closely & you’ll hear him rapping about, or rather, celebrating the Majesty that is The Almighty ALLAH.

The album is pretty consistant in its conscious message & GOD related theme, with half the songs on the soul & RnB instrumental tip, while the other half on a more Rap instrumental tip. Topics ranging from  respecting mothers, GOD’s 99 names, Prophets & helping others are just a few of the wonderful things he touches on. It’s a heavy album too, with more than 25 songs to its name. You’d think it costs about nine dollars or more to cop the album, but it actually costs three US dollars! A great deal for +25 songs! I can’t pick a favorite track though, there’s a “hand-in-hand” thing going on with the album, & it would just undermine the message if I were to pick one favorite! Definitely an album to get if you’ve got a spouse, parents or other family members that prefer good, wholesome, family music more than the everyday run of the mill bling bling, uber gangster, “I’m better than you” music!

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