Off his new mixtape, “Mind Over Matter“, the Saudi DMV (Washington DC) native N.F. collaborated with Anas Arabi to bring us “Need a Change“.

Rapping over a melodic instrumental, NF stuck with his “keep it real” style (coined by our Jay Ceylon in this article) & gives us some insight to the lows in his life. Basically, looking for a way out of his wrong ways & wasted time, it sometimes seems as though NF is talking to someone specific through this song (a scorned lover? family? The Almighty?). Swiftly switching his flow from slow & mellow to aggressive & speedy, NF makes an effortless show of a task that many rap artists can’t master. In comes the deep-voiced Anas Arabi on the final verse & it’s just another dope verse completing a dope song, keeping in tune with NF’s topic & emotions, dropping a flow that a preacher would envy.

Lastly, the chorus is a beauty, I actually played it back a few times just because it was a delight to listen to! Meaningful lyrics, wonderful instrumental & two talented rap artists, what’s not to like?

Listen to the song here:

NF feat. Anas Arabi “Need A Change”

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