There are a lot of great Arab artists coming out with great content, and some of them are associated with something called “Taqato3“. We’ve been hearing the name a lot and decided to investigate for ourselves what was the hype behind this Jordanian record label. that always keeps us guessing with their next releases.

Who is in the Taqato3 Team?

The Taqato3 team consists of 8 main members, who are:

1- Qusay Absah: Manger of Taqato’ Production, Producer and Rapper.

2-Mohammed Absah(Sokoon): Rapper/Composer.

3-Anas Arafat(Mind Technique): Rapper/Lyricist/Poet .

4-Ahmad Abu Zaydeh(Jaras): Rapper/Head Of KSA Branch.

5-Amjad Yonis(Joey): Producer/Musician/Guitarist .

New Additions:

Hijazi(OGthug Aka Jazz): Music Producer/Audio Engineer/Sound Designer/Composer/ Song Writer/Artist

7-Suhail Hijazi( Dj Jazzy): DJ/Event Manger/ Media Assistant

8-BaraAl-Atel(Dr.fe3):Director/Photographer/Video Producer-Editor/Graphic & 3D Designer.

There are also many other upcoming artists being trained by us.

What different types of music do you deal with?

Taqto’ in English means “Intersection”, referring to the intersection of music. We mainly produce rap, rock and Oriental music. Recently, Taqato’ was adopted by an entertainment group based in Yemen called JabaJamz. After JabaJamz & Taqato’ joined forces, many new music genres were produced as a result of the joint forces, like Electronic Music (Pop, House, Dubstep, Trance, Dnb), Reggae, Dance Hall, Classical, Sad-core, Ambient and Experimental.

How are you fulfilling your goal of bringing together different genres?

We have our own sound designers and experienced musicians who are always working on putting together different sounds. Their different techniques and instruments allow them to come up with a final product that is extremely unique sound that hasn’t been heard of. The feedback we get on our music projects is amazing, the audience love new musical experiences.

Is Taqato3 a record label, a group, or a collective?

Taqato’ is a record label founded by Qusay Absah, Mohammed Absah and Ahmed Abu Zaydeh in 2010.

What countries are your artists from?

We overlook the borders and the labels imposed on us, we consider ourselves to be Arabs and nothing but Arabs.

What are your plans for the future?

We wish to establish an international entertainment group/movement that supports and provides resources such as studio time and media representation to talented and gifted musicians.

How is the music scene in Jordan? Which genres are more active?

The music scene in Jordan is somewhat active. There are a lot of talented individuals, and we aim to encourage and support them. As for the active genres, hip-hop and rock seem to take the lead in Jordan.

How are you planning on expanding your reach?

Our incorporation with JabaJamz Entertainment Group is great because they are an international art/music group with branches all over the world. We have set an expansion timetable to further deliver and spread our music, vision, and services and media materials. We are going through a rebranding phase and re-establishing our headquarters so that we can reach and attract a bigger audience and providing better work from our artists.

Check out the following links for recent work by Taqato3 artists!

The Sickest Perfection-Joey(Performed & Produced By Joey)

Souria Tnady-Mohammed Shanabo (Composed By: Muhanad Qawasmeh, Mixed, Mastered & Produced By, Mohammed Hijazi Aka Jazz)

Sajeen Tasofi-Sokoon (Produced & Mastered By. Joey)

OGthug Aka Jazz Music (JabaJamzEnt.Group Artist)

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