Let me get right to it. I’ve never heard of these guys. They’re part of a rap collective called Cerebral Assassins. Really? & the names, Tony & I-Khan? The first thought that crossed my mind was, “Deen, what did you give me big homie?”, then I thought, “Well, lets see what these dudes are about. There has to be something remotely good about them. I mean, their mixtape cover is a play on Beavis & Butthead” Anyone know that saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”? Yea, I judged, & man was I wrong!

The Virginia based, 5 man collective Cerebral Assassins (I-Khan,Lyrisin,Tony Paul, Pariz-O & J. Cam) have recently released (15 March 2012) the Tony & I-Khan mixtape, with tracks engineered by Tony. From the intro, I knew that there would be something awesome to this mixtape! If you’re using the 90s pop culture MTv icons Beavis & Butthead in your intro & as the theme to your mixtape, I’m expecting off the wall lyrics & a little madness; & boy did the two fifths of C.A. out of VA deliver!

Shocking, vivid, edgy, peppered with a healthy dose of similes & metaphors, good set of beats & planned out topics, this well-planned mixtape reminds of the Slim Shady EP, a sort of flashback, if I may. Not taking anything away from these guys though, they are lyrical as they come! Their hardcore/borderline horrorcore style, though not new, gives me faith that Rap music won’t be churning out the teeny bopper, commercial, dumbed down & ‘never push the envelope’ type rappers/crooners forever (oh how I hope this comes true very soon)! The only thing that shocked me was the fact that they’re not bigger than they already are! I know they’ve got people already hating on them (commercial music lovers, no doubt), what’s stopping them? Oh, maybe the Dj’s they plan to kill in track 10? The buzz is-a-building, & I’d like to see these dudes take it all the way!

A little bit about I-Khan, the Alexandria, Virginia born Muslim (who I assume originates from either South Asia or Arabia), son of a Shiite father & Sunni mother (he says so on the mixtape) is not just a rap artist, but also a video editor. *Editor’s note:  He’s Pakistani

It seems that he has worked on most of the videos C.A. release, if not all the videos. Check out his video to “Off My Rocker 2“. Simple & real, hope they get a budget or an investor of sorts, these guys have got some videos that could have been way more with some money (unlike most sex & bling infested videos out there with seemingly big budgets).

I-Khan – (Cerebral Assassins) Off My Rocker 2 (Prod By iRatz)

Here’s a tracklist of their mixtape (Download here)

Tony And I​-​Khan

1. Intro 00:22

2. Assassin Ninja 03:06

3. IDGAF (I-Khan) 02:25

4. Tunnel Freestyle 03:17

5. Skit 00:41

6. Clan Baby 00:54

7. Off My Rocker (I-Khan) 02:26

8. Truly Yours (Tony Paul) 02:10

9. B.C There Was Mann (I-Khan) 03:50

10. Kill The Dj (Cerebral Assassins) 05:42

11. BinLayden (I-Khan) 01:39

12. Perfect Cents 02:49

13. Off My Rocker 2 (I-Khan) 02:23

14. The Greatest 02:48

15. Outro 00:35

Get at them:

Tony Paul’s Facebook

I-Khan’s Facebook

Cerebral Assassins’ Facebook

Cerebral Assassins’ Youtube page

Enjoy! I did!


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