Arab League All-StarsCaptain Arabia” aka MC Amin, “The Great Sphinx” aka Sphinx, and “Legendary” aka Qusai are flying their capes high in their latest collaboration and single The End Of The World (20??).

Representing Egypt, MC Amin and Sphinx (Arabian Knights) are no strangers to using their music as a weapon of resistance.  Saudi’s emcee and TV personality Qusai aka Don Legend the Kamelion joins the heroic duo in this undaunted track titled The End Of The World (20??) which calls upon how corruption, destruction, envy, greed, and theft have led to this ending point.  The ultimate message of this track tells us to take a “look at how we got ourselves here.”

All three artists perform in Arabic, which is common for MC Amin and Qusai but a total twist to Sphinx’s style which is usually rapping in English (trust me – he doesn’t let us down!).

Check out this track right now to understand why we here at Mideast Dynasty are such fans of these performers and their latest hit!

Arab League All-Stars MC Amin, Sphinx, and Qusai The End Of The World (20??)

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