During my recent trip to Egypt, I was amazed by the number of  beautifully detailed political graffiti and paintings I saw in every corner of Cairo. It reminded me that struggle and adversity always breeds creativity in any art form, whether that is graffiti, music, or the written/spoken word.

Which brings me to Egyptian rapper, MC Amin.

MC Amin was inspired by rap because of its meaningful lyricism and the raw emotion. He was especially influenced by Tupac Shakur, whom he considers a role model. He started off by memorizing verses from his favorite rap artists and perfecting staying on beat, spending countless hours practicing. In 2004, he finally decided to write his own material in Arabic and found that it was an outlet of expression for him. With his friends’ continued encouragement and support, he continued until he landed several gigs in his hometown Mansoura.

MC Amin wanted to blend his rap with more voices and music so he decided to create two bands, Black Attack and the Arab Rap Soldiers.  He also released his mixtape, Desert Saga, end of 2008, and is well on his way to become one of Egypt’s biggest rap artists.

This was truly seen during the Arab Spring when different Middle Eastern countries erupted into revolution, bringing in a new vigour and content to the Middle Eastern hip hop world. Egyptian MC Amin‘s song “Al Thawra Mostamera“, meaning “the revolution continues”, certainly reflects that.

MC Amin “Al Thawra Mostamera”

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