Now, this is what we call putting in work!  With five mixtapes in progress (some solo and some with other artists), one might wonder if Moh Flow is a little over-ambitious or just determined to make it. Ever since the Syrian artist moved to Dubai for his education after being based in Saudi Arabia, he is adamant on getting exposure for himself and his team. We say, the world is your oyster!

Read up on what Moh Flow has got in store.

Which came first – the rapping or the singing? Tell us about how you developed your talent.
As a kid watching my my brother (Ayham Homsi) develop his skills made me eager to try and develop my own. At the age of 13 i was trying to write and record tracks just to get the hang of it. The rapping came first because I never really knew I could sing, until I had a studio where I could be in my comfort zone and actually try singing and experiment with the different styles of rapping until I found my style and developed it.

You’re part of the Run Junction collective – what kind of opportunities did you have when you were in Saudi Arabia?
As a part of Run Junction, the amount of diversity in our group is just amazing. We have Syrian, Eritrean, Indonesian, Saudi, Canadian, & American Rappers, and Lebanese, Syrian, Indonesian, & Saudi Producers. So you can see why we would get quite a few opportunities in KSA. But since the Hip Hop & RnB scene in Saudi is still evolving we have to be patient and give it time to grow. However there is hope for it, there is an unbelievable amount of talent that is coming out and eventually we will get the attention we need to put ourselves out there.

Who would you say your main influencers are?
My influences are so many it’s hard to keep track of them to be honest. I believe every new artist is a mix of his favorite artists, every person absorbs what they like about each artist and puts everything together with a little bit of him/herself into it to make it his/her own. But my main influences would have to be Biggie, Eminem, Royce Da 5’9, Jay-Z, Nino Bless, and Joe Budden.

What is your creative process? How do you get in the zone for creating a track?
My creative process is very simple, I play the beat I like and just write what I feel to it. Most of my music is heart felt, so i just do what i feel to that beat and stick to it. Most of the time, I don’t know what to call the track until I sit down and play it 3 or 4 times. But when it comes to making tracks that are more mainstream-catered (such as club bangers, etc) I set aside punchlines and put them together when I find the perfect beat. My creative process relies on the music, if i don’t like the Beat i wont do my best.

Your mixtape with N.F. is coming out soon – can you tell us a little more about that?
Me and NF never met in person, but the chemistry we have on tracks is beautiful, after we collaborated on “Give’m Something” we really liked how we both came on that track, so we did another “No Future” and kept making tracks together hoping we could put a mixtape together. The mixtape is still in the recording process but we plan to have it mixed and mastered by August 2012.

Your track “Nomads” was the one of the most moving songs on the mixtape. It was a great mix of conscious lyrics while still conveying the emotion. Can you tell us more about what this track means to you?
Nomads” is my tribute to the Syrian struggle, its the voice of the Syrian who wishes he was able to fight with his brothers and sisters but instead is on another mission to educate him/herself to develop and build Syria when the time comes. I feel like this track is the most conscious track on my mixtape, and frankly that was the plan. The entire “Peace” part of the mixtape was built around that track and “Believe” which was a track for my mother and father and close friends, that part of the mixtape means a lot to me.

How did you feel performing with Ayzee in Dubai this past April?
Performing with Ayzee Hawsawi was an honor and a privilege, he gave Dubai a taste of his EP “First Words” which was released on May 18th 2012 and we performed 3 tracks off our joint mixtape which is still in the works. It was amazing getting up on stage on the same night that many RnB artists from Dubai were performing as well, that gave me and Ayzee the type of exposure we wanted, among artists and fans of real music.

Now that you’ve moved to Dubai, what plans have you got in the future?
Now that I’m in Dubai I feel like there are many opportunities me and my team can benefit from, but before I can explore those opportunities I have to get the right exposure and thats exactly what I’m working on. I have 2 solo mixtapes in the works now, The Run Junction mixtape in the process, Me and NF’s mixtape, and me and Ayzee’s mixtape, so hopefully this is going to be a busy year for me. I’m looking forward to collaborating with the talents down here in Dubai soon, I plan on reaching out to a few rappers and singers when the time is right.

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