Muslim emcees Al-J and Yusuf form the Boston unit, Blak Madeen. The duo share a love for Islam, conscious Hip Hop & positivity, & these traits either exude or hit you smack dab in the face through their music. The lyrical emcees Al-J & Yusuf are almost polar opposites when one considers their flow & delivery, however, the differences make for dynamic tracks.

The duo are a part of Leedz Edutainment & have opened shows for Lupe Fiasco, Brother Ali and Immortal Technique, they also collaborated with Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian), Hell Razah (Sunz of Man), Hasan Salaam and Reef the Lost Cauze, with production by Matty Trump, Falside and more. Their debut album,Sacred Defense”, made some noise & I expect “Divine Power Culture” to get them more attention. The lineup of features on the album is impressive, take a look at the track list below.

Every track on this album hits hard instrumentally, & lyrically each one of them touched my heart & mind. Stand out track:”Bismillah“, featuring Krumb Statcha. “Cuz I praise my GOD, I’m accused as a terrorist”, a line most Muslims can relate to.

“Stick to your deen stay true, wakin’ up in the morning, first thing you do, ‘Bismillah’.”

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Track list

01. Divine Power Culture

02. Bismillah (ft. Krumbsnatcha)

03. Freeze

04. The Cause (Remix) (ft. Cormega)

05. Ray of Light

06. Actual Facts (ft. Slaine)

07. The Difference

08. Believe (ft. Reef the Lost Cauze)

09. Night Time

10. Let It Be (ft. Blu)

11. Act of Defiance

12. End Is Near (ft. Mazz)

13. Drop Guns (ft. Timbo King)

14. Eye to Eye

15. What’s Going On

16. The Untold (ft. Stu Cat)

17. Out of Control

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