First off, if you haven’t heard of BBS aka Arabfunnys or you’ve never watched any of his hilarious comedy videos which boast such characters as “Abu Batata“, you need to play catch up ASAP!

Here’s a link to one of his more famous comedy skits:

Arab Driving School Part 1

Now, back to the lecture at hand…

San Jose, CA, based comedian/rapper BBS aka Arabfunnys is a multi-talented Palestinian brother, whose made a name for himself through his laugh-inducing Youtube videos & nonstop hustle.   Better known for his comedic prowess, BBS is just as talented as a rapper, as he is as a comedian.  And that my friends, is a whole lot of talent!

His latest song, “Faleestini Anthem” is a song for his mother country Palestine, where he talks about his experience as a Palestinian in America & interjects that he shares his peoples’ struggle.  The lyrical content & direction of the song are dope!   With lines like:

“I’m Palestinian – for them that’s a problem…they at the top – well I”m standing at the bottom…I have no rights & I have no justice…walk up on the streets & they all get cautious”

There’s no denying that BBS kills it & does his people proud!

Working on music since a young age, BBS is a very ambitious artist that has continued to strive towards reaching his goals.

BBS sums himself up best in his own words,

“I’m just a simple Palestinian guy tryna make a difference with my Music, with my Comedy and with MY Personality and Love.”

Check the song:

BBS “Faleestini Anthem”

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