One of Lebanon‘s leading DJ’s, and one of the founders of the Arabic Hip Hop movement, DJ Lethal Skillz, recently came out with his sophomore album, entitled Karmageddon. Lethal Skillz‘ debut album, New World Disorder, consisted of 23 tracks (including skits) packed with features from artists from all over the region. With Karmageddon as the follow-up LP, Lethal Skillz enlisted the help of no less than 29 different artists, from 20 different countries, aiming to “spread a wake-up call and bridge cultures through Soulful, Funky, Raw beats, a microphone, and two turntables.

The Jan, 2012 release party for Karmageddon took place in Beirut, Lebanon, at a spot called The Democratic Republic of Music (D.R.M.) and featured performances by several of the artists appearing on the album. Karmageddon was produced entirely by DJ Lethal Skillz himself, and is one of the first Middle East-produced Hip Hop albums, featuring only Middle Eastern artists, to be available at a major music store (Virgin Megastores, Lebanon). Some of the artists featured on the album include Mideast Dynasty‘s Deen, Ghost, Bellywize, Shadia Mansour, and Sphinx, E-Money, and Rush (collectively known as Arabian Knightz), amongst many others.

The release of Karmageddon comes during a time when, more than ever before, music is becoming a powerful tool, and a way for Arab youth to voice themselves. The amount of collaborations on this album is a testament to the growth and unity of Hip Hop in the Middle East.

Karmageddon is currently available at Virgin Megastores in Lebanon, and can also be purchased online from

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1. Karmageddon (Feat. Johnny Madness)

2. Beirut City (feat. Hanouneh, El Edd, MC Moe)

3. The Messenger (Feat. Omar Offendum)

4. Unity (Feat. Ramcess L’Hamorabi)

5. Operation Lost Art (Feat. Sphinx, E-Money, Rush)

6. Language of Peace (Feat. Shadia Mansour)

7. Industry Rulz (Feat. Vandal)

8. Lookin Out (Feat. Ghost, Sphinx, Deen, Stormtrap, Rush, Bellywize)

9. My Nation (Feat. Boikutt)

10. Fight the War (Feat. The Narcicyst)

11. Click Clack (Feat. MC Amin)

12. Resistant Culture (Feat. El Edd, Zeinedin, Ramcess L’Hamorabi)

13. My Definition of Living (Feat. Qusai a.k.a. The Don Legend)

14. Party in the Ghetto (Feat. Big A)

15. The Guardians (Feat. W.M.D)

16. Civil Disobedience (Feat. Ramcess L’Hamorabi)

17. Thoughts from the East River (Feat. El Far3i)