The year was 2005. After years of watching his older brother AY, better known as Ayham Homsi of Ay Production, doing his thing, Moh Flow realized his passion for Hip Hop and decided that he wanted to start rapping. And rap is what he did.

At first, Moh Flow, who is originally from Damascus, Syria, but was raised in Saudi Arabia, was spitting rhymes with his close friend Oz, also known as Ziad Zidan. The two were doing it for fun and just “for the sake of making our own music“, but two years later, when Moh wanted to start taking his music more seriously, Oz decided he wasn’t ready for all that, which is how Moh ended up flying solo.

“Some say I sound like Drake, best believe I been singing ‘fore he got that cake! Wait.. I mean, ‘fore he got his break.. Cos we all waiting for ours, for our own sake..”

Moh Flow dropped his first mixtape Nothing Personal in 2010. Since then, he has worked on collaborations with different artists, joined the KSA-based rap group Run Junction and, most recently, Moh released his sophomore mixtape entitled Peace, Love & Music. Needless to say, several tracks on the tape were produced by Ay Production. Peace, Love & Music also features appearances by Anas Arabi, N.F., and Majic. Of the tape, Moh Flow says,

“Peace, Love & Music was a phase I was going through as an artist. Since I’ve been realizing that I can sing/rap to a lot of different sub genres of Hip Hop or RnB, I decided to create this mixtape with an old school point of view of the new world. A Very heart felt piece of work. Plus, I put something in there for everyone to listen to. Between the three themes “Peace, Love, & Music”, you are bound to like a song or two. Thanks to Ayham Homsi, my Sound Engineer, for making this mixtape happen.”

If you like that laid back, ol’ school, chill-out, soul type Hip Hop, some of the tracks on this tape should defo hit the spot!

You can download Moh Flow‘s Peace, Love & Music mixtape here:

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02-Another Day

03-Music for the soul

04-Nomads ft. N.F. (Prod. By Ay Production)

5-Colors ft. Anas Arabi & N.F. (Prod. By Anas Arabi)

6-Best to do it (Interlude)


7-On time ft. Anas Arabi [Prod. Mindcircus]


9-Have it all [Prod. Ay Production]

10-Tune out (Interlude)


11-Woke up [Prod. Ay Production]

12-Inhale ft. [prod. Ay Production]

13-Aint got time [Prod. Mindcircus]


15-Just wont make it ft. Majic