When someone says Philadelphia, I think of a list of talented rap artists! It’s a hot bed of Hip Hop talent. Enter Ar-Ab, a hardcore, lyrical & raw Philly rap artist, with a reason to be motivated (not saying it’s the only reason).

Two to the hands, five to the glutes, two to the stomach & one to the thigh. Count it, ten shots & still standing! Ab had a limp plus a bag tied to his waist because he couldn’t control his bowel movements. Can’t blame him for being mad & with a plan to get back at the shooters. Now, never rolling without a gun, Ar-Ab calls out the dudes that put the bullets to him & plots cold revenge. You have to watch the video to get what I’m writing about. There must a be a reason he’s still living, & it’s obvious he knows it!

In another video, Ab points out that success is one form of revenge, so I wish him that success.

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