New Dynasty releases “Remember Me” Official Video

A big tune “Remember Me” has its Official Video released on Youtube.  “Remember Me” performed by New Dynasty, Haroon Rashid, Haachie Beatz, Mikial, Kastro Outlaw, & Amaar is a tune that deserves all ears and the visual part adds to its charm.

The “Remember Me” video isn’t the lavish big budget flashy modern day video one may expect from a Justin Timberlake or Lady Gaga video, but that’s because “New Dynasty is keeping it real. The video is in line with the lyrics and the message being sent out in the video. “Remember Me” is dedicated to the people who strived for change and stood up against the wrong, however the lyrics do give it multiple meanings. The video consists of various images and scenes, such as the Occupy Wall Street Demonstrations, Egyptian revolution, Tupac and more.

The track mentions “Killuminati” a movement against the Illuminati, a movement openly announced by the late king of rap Tupac as the title of his last album, while he was alive.  The Official Video for “Remember Me” was shot and edited by Tha Don from American Legal Video Services.  The video features Muszamil the younger brother of former Outlawz leader Napoleon.  Muszamil plays the role of a Muslim man that runs into different scenarios where he has to advise his fellow brothers to stop doing wrong.

These lyrics sum up the realness of the message in “Remember Me

“The torment of the grave is what every man should fear, cos we never know when the day of judgments here, Prepared to answer all the questions asked to me – site the Angel i didn’t live in blasphemy …Cos when your ribs come caving in and you see every good deed and every sin”  - Haroon Rashid

Check out the video:

New Dynasty “Remember Me”

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