When I first heard this song, almost a year ago, the emotion it invoked in me brought me close to tears.  This heartfelt track is what hip-hop is about, a positive message that can be translated into the listener’s life and an uplifting song for all the women of the world.

Egyptian hip-hop heavyweights, Arabian Knightz, continue to deliver high profile music, whether it is the soundtrack to a Jan. 25th Revolution or a song empowering women, this rap trio does not disappoint.  The video for their latest single, “Sisters“, features a series of scenarios where women are being discriminated against, facing abuse or social pressure, ending in each one listening to music to take them away from their problems.

Arabian Knightz, Shadia Mansour & Isam Bachiri (of Outlandish) do an excellent job of delivering lyrics that paint a vivid picture of the issues many women face today, while still showing that we’re “in this struggle together” and that there are still plenty of us that stand firm alongside our women during their hardships.

The line that stands out for me the most comes from one of the Middle East’s best lyricists, Sphinx, where he takes a line from an Islamic Hadith quoted as being said by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

“Below your Mother’s feet are the keys to the Heavens”

That is the epitome of respect.  And, that is why Arabian Knightz exemplifies what Middle East hip-hop & Arab rap should really be about.  Groups like Arabian Knightz make me proud and honored to be a part of this movement and they deserve the utmost respect and support.  Check out the video for “Sisters” and make sure you do your part to share the link & help push acts like these to the forefront of Middle East & global hip-hop.

Arabian Knightz feat. Shadia Mansour & Isam Bachiri “Sisters”

Look for Arabian Knightz debut album “United State of Arabia” set to be released this year!

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