So, what’s a mixtape to an established Hip Hop veteran? My quick breakdown:

1 A chance to try out something new & test the waters (not enough of this happening).

2 To make tracks that record labels wouldn’t allow in the album (Lupe Fiasco, anyone?)

3 An avenue for artists or producers that they support to show their stuff & gain exposure.

4 To one up other artists by rapping over their instrumentals.

5 A precursor or preview to an upcoming album.

Now, Raekwon The Chef’s path with this mixtape, in my opinion, was to help pave the way for some artists on his label, Ice H20 Records, non-label artists & upcoming producers. JD Era & Gangis Khan aka Camoflauge are his Canadian chapter’s signings. Other features are made by Ceazar-N-Reason, Sauce Money, Big B, Altrina Renee, Tommy Nova, Mean Doe Green, CL Smooth, Busta Rhymes, Mobb Deep, Fred Da Godson, Vado, CNN, & Styles P. Phew, that’s a crazy list!

Although this is Shallah’s mixtape, he graciously lets his features drop their heat while The Chef plays supporting role. This really is a good showcase of new talent if you ask me. The songs on the mixtape are something to look forward to. I’ve already listened to the mixtape twice, in one day! There’s way too much to write about each song. I’ll just end it by letting you know that when a member of the Wu says something is the bomb, you can rid yourself of all doubts & just nod your head in agreement!

Download link:

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Have a look at the tracklist. Impressive.

Unexpected Victory Tracklist:

01. (Intro) Unexpected Victory

02. Just A Toast feat. JD Era, produced by Mark Henry

03. The Brewery feat. Ceazer-N-Reason, produced by Scram Jones

04. A Pinebox Story, produced by 9th Wonder

05. Goodfellas feat. JD Era & Camoflauge, produced by Pro Logic & Moss

06. Silk feat. CL Smooth, Sauce Money & Big B, produced by Scram Jones

07. That Good Good feat. Altrina Renee, produced by Scram Jones & BlickStreet

08. Luxury Rap feat. Fred The Godson, produced by Pro Logic & Moss

09. Chinese Marines feat. Mobb Deep, produced by Scram Jones

10. This Shit Hard feat. Dion Premo & LEP Bogus Boys, produced by The Olympicks

11. Soldier Story feat. JD Era, produced by Pro Logic & Moss

12. MTV Cribs feat. Busta Rhymes, produced by Vin Da Chin

13. A Few Good Men feat. Vado & Tommy Nova, produced by Blue Rocks

14. Chupa Cabra feat. Capone-N-Noreaga, produced by BT

15. Facetime feat. Atrina Renee, produced by Blockstars & Mantic

16. Gangsta Cazals feat. JD Era, Camoflauge & Styles P, produced by Statik Selektah

17. Black Dust feat. Tommy Nova & Mean Doe Green, produced by The Fr3shmen

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