Sullee J releases his latest project “John Nash:  A Beautiful Mind Mixtape” hosted by Dj Smirnoff Ice. The mixtape is composed of 15 hard hitting tracks mostly in English and some in Urdu/Hindi which deserve to be played at high volumes.  After listening to Sullee J’s mixtape, I would truly advise every reader of this article to take a few minutes from their life and download it today. A Beautiful Mind Mixtape is a mix of simple truth, a voice against the ruling evil, and love tracks.

The start of A Beautiful Mind Mixtape, track no.1 “Be the Voice”, is just what people need to know. Words that the newspapers don’t print, nor the TV stations air. Sullee J just shares simple truth about how the world is controlled by a few. This continues into track no.2 “Journey” sampled from a Desi song which comes to a different page but doesn’t deviate the listeners. The next upcoming tracks are again targeted at how this world is controlled by the illuminati.  Overall a very solid project.

Lend your ears to Sullee J’s A Beautiful Mind Mixtape:

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About Sullee J:

26 year old Sullee J was born in Baltimore, Maryland.  He grew up in a Pakistani/American Culture. Facing the hardship of life, he found refuge in Faith. Sullee J considers faith as the backbone of his existence. In his tracks, he does put Holy verses from the Quran, which shows his belief and interest in Islam.

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