Saafir, aka Shaft Sizzle, aka Mr. No No, aka The Saucee Nomad, aka The Hunchback of Oakland! Yuh! Now say that ten times, real fast! If you don’t know him & you claim to be a Hip Hop head, please slap the taste out your mouth, now!

Why are you hitting yourself? Don’t fret, allow me to educate you.

Saafir was part of the Hobo Junction, The Whoridas (with his brother Chop Black, who makes a cameo in this video – check his article) & The Golden State Project (or Golden State Warriors, with Xzibit & Rass Kass). He also worked with Digital Underground, Casual, Stevie J,  Kam, Jayo Felony, Chino XL & Deen (on his mixtape, “Death Before Dishonor“). He was also in the movies Menace II Society, JC in tha Hood & Sweet Potato Pie, to name a few. Also, Saafir & Tupac were roommates (Tupac hooked him up with the Digital Underground feature & ”Humpty Dance” video)! He’s also a revert to Islam, which he happened upon during his time in jail.

Now that you’ve been schooled, let me write on “Ca$h Me Out“. Released in 2006, directed by Dale Stelly, the video’s pretty much a simple accompaniment to the song, but it’s all about the money. Flashy cars, a helicopter, motorbikes, motorbike stunts & more flashy cars. The instrumental is catchy, something I’d bump in my ride with my busted up speakers.

Saafir’s flow is unique in that he does a sort of stop & go, definitely not a type of flow many rap artists can pull off. His lyrics are different when compared to his old songs, but that would be obvious considering what he’s been through. It’s all about getting that dough for Saafir though.

That reminds me, I read an interview some time ago in which he talks about using the money for positive reasons, good idea. I’ve got no idea who the female rapper is on the song, but she comes through in the second verse & drops some heat! The hook is catchy, & nuff said! I’ll let you enjoy the jam!

Watch his video:

Saafir “Cash Me Out”

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Peace! Yuh!