I call this, “The art of freestyling”. Nope, not a book, but Deen’s freestyle video (shot in Dubai)! Textbook! Want a lesson? Look no further!

Ok, that’s enough of trying to score some brownie points with the boss. Back to the topic.

For real, as a fellow rap artist, I can tell when another rap artist’s spitting freestyles off the top or some pre-written stuff. Not to say it’s a big no-no putting some written stuff in, but, come on son! So, respect to Deen’s freestyle skills, he definitely wasn’t reading it off a smartphone & there was genuine brain strain!

He had some smart punchlines that made me laugh & I dug the vibe of his freestyle,. I think I also found out Deen’s “freestyle fillers”, if I may. “Uh” & “yo”.  You won’t believe how much those microseconds matter in terms of allowing the rapper to tap into his/her brain cells & dig out something madly creative! I’ve got no comment on the “wiggidy wiggidy wiggidy” though, except for “Haa haa!”

So, I’m going to “cut this off like some hedges” & let you watch, listen & learn (if that’s your M.O.).

Watch the video clip of exclusive footage from upcoming documentary “Mic Check: Hip-hop in the Middle East” which is also being produced by DEEN!

DEEN 2 1/2 minute plus freestyle in Dubai, UAE

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Peace! Yuh!