The Moroccan, Somali rap sensation Karim Kharbouch aka French Montana drops a video for the song “Shot Caller“, & based on the fact that he recently signed to Bad Boy records, I’d say he can call himself that. Loads of cameos in this video, & a super phat chick (woof)! Who is she? Ok, where was I? Cameos! P. Diddy, Waka Flocka Flame, Slim Jo…wait, what the? Damn son, he needs to tell me how he lost all that fat! When did Fat Joe go on a diet?! I want that diet plan, I can stand to lose a few kilos, or pounds. Hmm, is that Nore? I dig the cameos, seriously.

Ok, the video, I like (for obvious reasons). The flow, I dig. The lyrics, he can go harder, & I’m sure he has (you can tell I don’t listen to F. Mon much). The topic, who hasn’t rapped this stuff? Wait, a step back, it’s how you put it on the track, & I can’t knock his hustle. I like the video. Well shot, & the black & white dream theme is good. The instrumental, I’d like to hear this one remixed by a bunch of rappers, it’s just so, out there (I’ve lost my penchant for dictionary type words recently)!

It’s a good release, I wouldn’t call it song or video of the year, but, it’s catchy & I guess, sometimes, people want a break from their hard knock lives. I know this video got me thinking.

Watch French Montana’s “Shot Caller”:

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Peace! Yuh!