Dubai based Slovak rap artist Megrov releases his latest track ‘Madness’. The track features pure ‘Madness’ bringing the originality of hip-hop. Hip-hop/rap originally is supposed to be about anything one wants to express. Megrov has expressed allot in his track, and even in better way, he’s kept it blunt no hidden messages.

Megrov’s 4 min 43 second track ‘Madness’ contains explicit content. Not everyone in the region is ready to accept this, but the question is why? When Eminem or Dr.Dre spoke out the way they liked they sold millions of albums, Why the hatred to a local talent who takes the region’s hip-hop to a different level?
People in the region need to explore the world of music, and not only stick to MTV or Local radio stations. Listeners need to realise there is a difference between R&B, Hip-hop, Rap and Radio $rap.

Megrov part of the ‘Union’ an international Hip-Hop/Rap group is heavily influenced by 2Pac, Tech N9ne, Krizz kaliko and more deep meaningful artists. He packs a unique style. ‘Madness’ was complete written by Megrov where as even the music was produced by him.

Megrov has more to be released soon, with a Union Mixtape on the edge of being released.
Megrov is also closely working with ‘Sain’ and ‘Mr Shef Codes’.  He has released a track called ‘Beasts with Californian Rap artist ‘Hopsin’.

Megrov will be performing with Sain at the Abu Dhabi F-1. Head down there if you want a live experience of his madness.

You can get a bit of Megrov’s Madness at

*Warning:  Track has very graphic and vulgar lyrics

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