We listened to Lowkey’s interview on “Laish Hip Hop?“, the first Saudi radio show about hip hop hosted by Big Hass.

Lowkey is asked to describe what hip hop means to him and the world, and its impact on the world. Lowkey‘s view is that hip hop is a voice for the voiceless, a force that can “legitimize the illegitimate, and humanize the dehumanized“. It is a movement that anyone can participate in, and you no longer need to be signed to a big label to do so. In fact, being independent reaps more benefits in that you don’t have to censor your views. He tells an anecdote of how Public Enemy‘s Professor Griff’s departure had to do with him speaking out for Palestinians and how that did not sit well with his Def Jam manager, who had different political opinions.

Lowkey‘s latest album has been hugely successful – it reached #17 on the pre-ordered album charts on iTunes, especially his single “Long Live Palestine”, which was about Operation Cast Lead which happened in Gaza in 2008-2009, causing the deaths of almost 1400 people and involved the use of weapons by Israelis, that were outlawed by international law.

He speaks about how the Palestinian cause has become a worldwide cause, with protests and demonstrations happening in London at the times of the Gaza bombing, and how ironic it is that even people in the UK, where the roots of the Palestinian struggle emerged from the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

Big Hass delivers a message from Saif Saud, a producer in the Saudi hip hop group Run Junction, to Lowkey, who said that Lowkey‘s work helped him convince a friend that associated Muslims with Terrorists, that that was not the case, and that was not what Islam was all about.

Lowkey believes he can be entirely independent, successful, and making a living out of what he does without help from big labels. And we believe it!

Laish Hip Hop?” is a radio show about hip-hop in Saudi Arabia which focuses on the true and positive influences of hip hop. It was founded by Big Hass, who is also the founder of Re-volt Radio and a writer here at Mideast Dynasty!

Listen to the interview here:

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