I’ve been a fan of the D-Block emcee, Styles P for a long time. I remember even introducing his raps to a lot of people around me! He always lays it down, true to himself and his style, something I feel has kept him consistent, head over the waters so to say. This track, “Harsh” is no different. A rap heavyweight, Styles P is in no way drowned by the presence of the great Busta Rhymes and uber mainstream Rick Ross. Honestly, I’d have preferred if the D-Block general Jadakiss was on the track too, but hey, got to let it slide sometimes (this is a thought shared by many SP fans).

With the Phonix produced, bell and synth, classic boom bap instrumental, the latest single off The Ghost’s solo release Master of Ceremonies, he’s taken it upon himself to warn those wanting to grapple with him and his click of “Harsh” treatment. With his smooth, indifferent flow and always awesome and aggressive lyrics, followed by Busta Rhymes’ crazy metaphors and ‘slap somebody’ flow and hook , then a short Rick Ross verse *phew* that nearly meshes with the “Harsh” topic (I’ll admit, I dig Ross’ flow and voice), the song’s got heat! A bit of a contrast too, with the light instrumental and the hard verses, but I guess you can hear the harshness of the instrumental in the start of the track, with the bells I mean, which should bring the word “Harsh to mind. Or I could be over analyzing, as usual.

Anyway, here’s the video!

Styles P  feat. Busta Rhymes and Rick Ross – “Harsh”

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Peace! Yuh!

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