Bringing together like minded artists, producer and founder, Anas Canon, of the American based Islamic media collective, Remarkable Current (founded 2001), proves that conscious Hip Hop is still alive and can hold its own!

Featuring artists Nizar T-Man, Crème De La Ultra, Weld-Michel, Empire and Kumasi bring to the table lyrics dedicated to the man who was possibly the sole cause of the Arab Spring Revolutions that started in late 2010! His name, Mohamed Bouazizi (1984-2011, “The Hero of Tunisia”).

Indeed, Anas’ vision of bringing creative music and positive Muslim influence together is realized in this song, one of many similarly impressive tracks. The instrumental is a wonderful bit of music that would have only meshed with nothing less than the meaningful lyrics laid out over it. Each rapper brings the story of Tunisia, Bouzaizi and the people who struggled for freedom from oppressive rulers in Arabic, English and French. With wonderful songs like this, why does the world prefer the ramblings of non-sensical artists with no principles? Beats me!

Here’s the track (available for download too):

You can also watch the video here:

Anas Canon  feat. Nizar T-Man, Creme De La Ultra, Weld-Michel, Empire & Kumasi “A Young Man’s Spark (Bouzaizi)”

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