British-Palestinian rapper and activist Shadia Mansour hits it harder than ever with the Arab anthem “El Kofeyye 3arabeyye” (The Keffiyeh Is Arab).

Shadia is one to always represent her Palestinian roots and her people.  Her strong lyrics have been a voice for human rights, solidarity, Palestinian oppression, and the reality of the Israeli occupation.

In her latest video, Shadia links up with M-1 the other half that makes up the legendary Hip-Hop duo dead prez for this track she performs in Arabic while he raps in English.  M-1 has shown support for the Palestinian movement from his collaborations with many middle-eastern rappers to delivering humanitarian supplies to the Gaza strip in 2009.

The keffiyeh aka hattah is the traditional checkered red or black with white headscarf worn by Arabs (usually men) has become both a political statement and fashion trend.  We’ve all seen the scarf in every shade from pink to green and wrapped around the necks of everyone from trendy college students and rapper Lupe Fiasco to soldiers in the military.

Today, the keffiyeh mainly stands for the national symbol for Palestinian identity – hence the late President Yasser Arafat sported the black and white head wrap daily.  For everyone else who rocks the keffiyeh (Arab or non), it is worn to represent solidarity for the Palestinian people even though the scarf has been campaigned by anti-Muslim groups as a symbol of terrorism.

After finding out an American company had produced the symbolic Arab scarf in an Israeli version which had a blue and white pattern with embroidered stars of David – Shadia was inspired to fire back in this lyrically charged single and lays down how not another part of her people will be robbed. Her message is clear..the keffiyah is Arab and will remain Arab.

Shadia is fierce on every level throughout this entire track.  Her style and passion remind me of fellow female emcee Lauryn Hill - both of which balance heavy lyrics with sweet soulful melodies.  Check out what I’m referring to in the video below for “El Kofeyye 3arabeyye” which was shot by Nana Dankwa. Here’s a quick snapshot of the English translation below:

Now these dogs are starting to wear it as a trend
No matter how they design it, no matter how they change its color
The keffiyeh is Arab, and it will stay Arab
The scarf, they want it
Our intellect, they want it
Our dignity, they want it
Everything that’s ours, they want it
We won’t be silent, we won’t allow it
It suits them to steal something that ain’t theirs and claim that it is.

Shadia Mansour ft M1 (dead prez) -“El Kofeyye 3arabeyye” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

If your interested in buying an authentic keffiyeh made in Palestine  – check out where Yasser Hirbawi has been producing since 1961.

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