UK Rap has been on the up and up for a minute now. More than ever before, UK Rap tracks are appearing on radio and TV stations worldwide. One of the players doing his thing to contribute to the game is British Iraqi rapper Sandman.

Hailing from North West London, Sandman first discovered his passion for music and writing lyrics at the age of 13. What started off as a group of close friends, soon turned into a Rap group, and TS Family was born. Comprised of rappers Sharky, Sandman, and his twin brother Don Realest, TS Family has released 4 free mixtapes over the last 2 years, all of which generated thousands of downloads, establishing TS Family as strong players in the UK Hip Hop scene.

“No doubt.. UK Rap is blowing up. Only a matter of time before we catch up to the States..”

Sandman has always heavily contributed to the TS Family mixtapes, as well as appearing on his brother Don Realest‘s releases. After getting his momentum going with various appearances on other mixtapes, Sandman has now come out with his first solo project Sandstorm.

“Sandstorm represents me. It’s my own sound and it’s a chance for the people to hear what I can do to tracks on my own. It’s my first solo project and I put a lot of work into it..”

You can download Sandman‘s debut solo release Sandstorm here:

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01. Long Time Coming
02. Speaking Tongues Remix
03. Light Up Remix
04. Men Lie Women Lie (Prod. By Jomeezius)
05. Get Deep & Get Passionate (Feat. Natalyah)
06. Haha Remix (Slow Down)
07. Dont Cry (Prod. By Wisper)
08. Henny n My 44 Remix
09. Drop The World Remix
10. Like This
11. Streets Don’t Sleep
12. Winner
13. Here They Come Again (Prod. By Jomeezius)
14. Smooth Wave
15. We Hustle
16. Goin In
17. Mr SandMan (Prod. By Swollen Drumz)
18. Fast Lane
19. I Need Mine
20. 1000 Degrees
21. Got Me Twisted
22. Killa Season
23. NJD Freestyle
24. Over Remix
25. Talking Iraqis
26. Keep It Moving (Feat. Sway)
27. Motivation (Feat. T-Pain & Don Realest)