On the anniversary of the passing of the late hip-hop legend, Tupac Shakur, we have a special throwback release from The Outlawz & DJ Warrior.

Released back in 2004, this exclusive mixtape with 2pac protege’s The Outlawz is produced  & hosted by DJ Warrior, founder of the Cali Untouchable DJs, and was one of the first major mixtapes to come out of the West Coast.  Featuring previously unreleased 2pac tracks and remixes, “Outlaw Warriorz Vol. 1“, has The Outlawz & DJ Warrior teaming together to bring forth a mixtape classic that helped to lay the foundation for Cali’s “West Coast Mixtape King” to take the throne.

Special guests share their thoughts about 2Pac and make special appearances including The Game, Talib Kweli, T.I., 8Ball, Biggie, Alicia Keys, Left Eye, Fatal Hussien and many more.

DJ Warrior is currently smashing the Hollywood and International club scenes as he expands into new genres of music like: electro, dubstep, house, etc., while still maintaining his hip-hop roots.

The Outlawz just released their latest album “Perfect Timing” through Fontana/Universal.

DJ Warrior presents The Outlawz “Outlaw Warriorz Vol. 1

DL Link:  http://www.mediafire.com/?v77c9s7siamaaw8


1. caliuntouchabledjs.com – 2Pac Live In The Studio – Prod. By Dj Warrior & Scram Jones
2. Outlawz & DJ Warrior Intro
3. Outlaw Warriorz – Young Noble (Outlawz)
4. Come Back – Outlawz
5. Revolution – 2Pac & Tabil Kweli, Remixed By DJ Warrior & DJ Fatal
6. Anyway – Edi & Kastro (Outlawz) Feat. T.I.
7. Swear To God – Outlawz Feat. Petey Pablo
8. Sound Off – Young Noble (Outlwaz) feat. Krazy Bone
9. Ghetto Near You – Edi & Kastro (Outlawz) Feat. Big Ghee
10. People Don’t Know – Young Noble (Outlawz) Feat. E40 & The Game (G-unit)
11. Get Out Of Dodge – Young Noble & Edi (Outlawz)
12. CA To NY Runnin’ – 2Pac & Notorius B.I.G. – Prod. By DJ Fatal & DJ warrior
13. Confession – 2Pac & Bizzy Bone
14. How Do U Want It 2004 – 2Pac Feat. Alicia Keys & Fatal Hussein – Prod. By Dj Warrior & DJ Fatal
15. U & Me – Outlawz
16. Left Eye (TLC) Interlude – Prod. By Dj Warrior & Scram Jones
17. Why Da Fuck U Mad – Young Noble (Outlawz)
18. Runnnin & Gunning – Young Noble (Outlawz) Feat. Krazy Bone
19. Outlaw Radio – Outlawz
20. Waist Your Time – Outlawz
21. One Day At A Time – 2Pac Feat. Eminem & Outlawz
22. Look In My Eyes – Young Noble & Edi (Outlawz)
23. Still Ridin’ – Outlawz Feat. 8Ball & T-Mo (Goodie Mob)
24. Fellin’ This – Outlawz
25. Makaveli – 1971 to 1996 R.I.P. (The Legacy Continues!)

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