Re-volt Radio founder/host & Mideast Dynasty staff writer, Big Hass, has secured the first hip-hop radio show in Saudi Arabia!   The show “Laish Hip-Hop?” (meaning: “Why Hip-Hop?”) is the first time a weekly show on FM radio has been dedicated to hip-hop in Saudi Arabia, a country known for its strict policies and censorship.  This groundbreaking show is the culmination of countless hours of hard work, determination and dedication by a true pioneer for Middle East hip-hop, Big Hass.

We congratulate and commend Big Hass for his great work & we ask that all of you make sure to tune in & support!

Laish Hip-Hop?” airs every Thursday from 9pm-10pm (KSA time) on 105.5FM Mix-FM (Saudi Arabia).

You can also listen online at:

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