Dubai is a young city, and the music scene, though developing rapidly, still has a long way to go before it reaches the same level and status as the U.S. or Europe. One of Dubai‘s first Hip Hop and RnB crews is Jaxxma. The group is comprised of Rone Jaxx, Majician, and Gene Clash, three talented producers/rappers/lyricists. Their official DJ is DJ Shero, who has previously also featured on some of their tracks as a vocalist.

Rone Jaxx, a.k.a. Rony Jackson J. Emanuel, was born and raised in Dubai. He started DJing at an early age and was involved in several rap battles in the 90′s, which gave him some local recognition. This, in turn, motivated him to start producing his own tracks to rap over. To date, Rone is a highly successful and widely recognized DJ, and spins in various clubs and events around the UAE.

(from left) Gene Clash, Majician, and Rone Jaxx

Majician, a.k.a. Majid Faris, has also lived in Dubai since birth. He has always had a passion for poetry, and entered many poetry competitions, reciting his own poems. His long-standing love for Hip Hop, along with his natural poetic ability, led him to add rhythm to his poems and morph his poetry into rap.

Gene Clash, a.k.a. Mohammed Darwish, was born to an Emarati father and British mother, which is why he chose the name “Gene Clash“. He spent most of his college years in the U.S. and the U.K. and began writing and rhyming in the 90′s. In 2000, to keep creative control of his music, Gene started producing his own beats.

Jaxxma is the first official Hip Hop and RnB group in Dubai to break through internationally, with their track No More Love getting considerable radio play in the U.K. This song, however, has not been released in the UAE due to its controversial content. For Jaxxma‘s track Here I Come, they brought in director D Zennie to take charge of the music video.

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Jaxxma – “Here I Come

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