Born in 1985 in the city of Madinah, KSA, Moe-Mohalhel aka Slow Moe is a Saudi Arabian rapper heavily influenced by hip-hop legend 2pac & his group Thug Life.  The self-proclaimed “Saudi Thug” has released a series of tracks via the web alongside his fellow KSA native and regular collaborator Big Sean (not to be confused with Kanye West’s protege’ Big Sean), who is also a rapper and is Slow Moe‘s in-house producer.

Saudi Arabia, a country known for being home to the Ka’bah, which is considered by Muslims everywhere to be the most sacred place on Earth,  is commonly not known for any type of thuggery from its citizens, whatsoever.  With no real information on Slow Moe‘s background,  his upbringing, and his involvement in any type of activity that would be considered “thug-like” , we are left with questions as to what exactly is a “Saudi Thug“.  Slow Moe offers up the track “Definition of a Saudi Thug” with these words in tow,

Yes, I am Muslim and Proud.  No, I am not with al-Qaeda.  I didn’t get into the game for the money, b*tches or fame.  I’m here to drop my messages and I’m out.

Check out Slow Moe‘s track “Definition of a Saudi Thug

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