26 year old rapper French Montana emigrated from Morocco to New York when he was 13, and it didn’t take him long to discover his talent and passion for Hip Hop. Montana, also known as Karim Kharbouch, started hustling hard to make a name for himself in the underground Hip Hop scene. In 2002, French Montana created the Cocaine City DVD, which featured interviews with major artists and up and comers, to showcase his talent as an underground artist. The DVD was meant to be a simple medium for developing an audience, but gained international success and quickly grew into one of the top-selling street DVDs, eventually getting Montana signed to Akon‘s Konvict Music record label.

Since establishing himself in the New York Hip Hop scene, French Montana, who is of Moroccan and Somali descent, founded Cocaine City Records. He left Konvict Music this year (2011) and is reportedly in talks with Rick RossMaybach Music Group.

In “New York Minute“, a track that was released back in ’09 under Konvict Music, Montana touches on key events in Hip Hop history such as Tupac and Biggie‘s deaths, and has him describing everything that can happen in a New York minute (a short period of time). The track was produced by Harry Fraud and features fellow New Yorker Jadakiss.

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French Montana – “New York Minuteft. Jadakiss