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AYO did you really think I was GONE for GOOD?   Your FAVORITE Heep Bop SHEIKH would not do you SO!   I can’t leave RUMORS alone the MENA rap game NEEDS me.  Now, pull up a CAMEL, grab some KARAK TEA, and GET READY MY HABIBISWE are BACK in BUSINESS!

AYO before WE go any further, you need to ask YOURSELF something…WHO or WHAT could be worthy enough to bring the MONEY SHEIKH out of his sabbababababatical?   WELL HABIBIS, here is your ANSWER.

Hailing from Abu Dhabi, via BANG BANG Bangladesh or is it SRIIIIIII LANKA????, he is the self-proclaimed “Best MC in the UAE“, and the most entertaining rabber in the Middle EastMC TANMAN!

AYO to you DONALD STERLING type HYWONS this guy may look like he can COOK up a mean FISH FRY (and it may be TRUE) but when you get PAST all that, you lay WITNESS to one of the Greatest Entertainers to come out the Middle East.

WHOADIE a leaking faucet at 3am in a Dubai Labor Camp may sound better than his rabbin, but when it comes to droppin that REAL REAL in video blogs, he can’t be TOUCHED.

In his latest post, MC TANMAN cuts a WWE style promo calling out a haram of RABBERS from the UAE.  This is a response to some other video interview online that I would post, but ain’t no Habibis got time for that!

Side note:  AYO TANMAN may be a TERRIBLE rabber, but these HABAYEL he’s talking about aren’t much better.  AYO at least TANMAN is entertaining to us ‘Desert Mothaf*ckas AND he’s TALKIN some REAL SPIT in his rants.  He gets extra HABIB points for that.

Watch it NOW:

YOU SEE, YOU SEE?  Entertainment!  MC TANMAN is the 2014 version of the IRON SHEIKH.  Somebody needs to get VINCE McMAHON on the HORN and HIRE this man immediately!  Yalla!


“Think Fast, DishDash, and I’m Gone”

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Ayrab, out!

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