DEEN - GO pic Decoded pt 1

Decoded is an exclusive series on, where artists get the opportunity to break down and explain the lyrics of their songs. Our first entry features L.A./Dubai-based rapper and MideastDynasty Boss Man, DEEN.  We take a look at the lyrics and visuals for his debut music video “GO,” which was released last year and made its way into rotation on MTV Middle East.

On the surface, the song appears to be just another typical club/radio single, but to those that are familiar with DEEN‘s past work, he is notorious for sneaking in a conscious message, even in the most commercial of records. “GO” is the first single off his upcoming EP the “Pop Crisis,” which is a project built off pop-sounding singles. It is meant to highlight how an artist can give the appearance of “dumbing it down” to reach a more mainstream audience, while, on the contrary, doing it all with intelligent wordplay and a positive message.

Check out DEEN decoding his single “GO“:

Waddup y’all, this is your boy DEEN, and this is my single “GO,” decoded.

First off, when I write my rhymes, I try to have a lot of double entendres in my lyrics because I feel like it helps to reach a wider set of listeners and keeps my music from being pigeon-holed. By that I mean, whether you’re heavy into lyricism, conscious raps, street bars, or just want to hear something simple that sounds good and doesn’t require you to think too much, I use the landscape I have in a song to provide something for all types of listeners.

As an artist, I try to stay as unrestricted as possible when it comes to creating. I like all kinds of music and sub-genres of hip-hop, so I have no problem recording those kinds of songs, as long as I can retain my identity and stay true to myself in my message.

Aiite, with all that said, let’s get to the breakdown:

DEEN feat. Ava Pearl – “GO” (lyrics)

1st verse breakdown:

Let’s go – I’m so fresh – my money on the line that’s no stress
you all know/all no – I’m so yes/soul yes – she roll with me that’s Rolex

breakdown:  In the 1st line of the song, I’m talking about how I’m invested in what I do, financially and creatively. “My money on the line“, line = rhymes, I’m invested in my music, but also “my money on the line” I’ve put everything I have financially behind what I’m trying to do.

This brings us to the second line, “you all know – I’m so yes“, meaning it’s known I’m committed to my mission and it’s also a play on words to show that I’m the opposite of who I’m directing these lines at.  ”you’re all no – I’m so yes“.  Negative vs positive.  This brings us to another double/triple entendre, with the “you all no – I’m soul yes“, meaning people are willing to sell their soul and have no soul, but I’m not about that, I’m about keeping my soul, so I’m saying yes I do have a soul and I’m not selling it for anything.

She roll with me that’s Rolex,” leads into the next line and it’s basically saying my time is now, and if I have a female with me, you need to “watch” (i.e. Rolex) or pay attention, because my approach to relationships is not the standard mainstream rapper cliche’ of one night stands, etc.

Expensive time – good cortex
get a wedding ring – before sex

breakdown:  ”expensive time” another play off Rolex, which is an expensive watch, that I use  to relate how valuable a person’s time is and how I value the time of whoever I’m in a relationship with.  ”Good cortex” is a play off the term “good head” or getting “brain“, which are slang terms for the sexual act “fellatio“, that is often popularized in hip-hop lyrics.  However, my lyrics are actually nothing of the sort and are speaking on the female I’m with being intelligent and having a good personality, “good cortex = good intellect“.  I add more emphasis to this with my follow-up line, “get a wedding ring – before sex“, which states my values and clears any doubts of my positive intention with the previous lyric.

It get ugly – it get grotesque
we move faster than a engine in a Corvette

breakdown:  these 2 lines are stating that if we go down the road of the “fast life“, things could take a turn for the worst, even though that’s a lifestyle glamorized and made out to reflect someone living their life to the fullest.  The Corvette is used to reflect the “fast life” and material world.

I’m dippin through the block on blades
S & M ish – yo you like my whip – whip

breakdown:     I’m driving through the city in my car (whip) with expensive rims,”S & M ish” and “whip” are a play off sadomasochism and used as a metaphor for how our materialism can cause us so much grief, but we still find pleasure in it.

I don’t play no games – for you to fall hard
you don’t have to trip – trip

breakdown:  ”I don’t play no games“, I’m honest and up front, for a girl to fall in love (“fall hard“) with me, she doesn’t have to be crazy or lose her mind (“trip“).

If this is the end of it – I’m a make sure we all remember it – well
put your hands in the air and yell – if i don’t make it to Heaven – I’m going to give them Hell

breakdown:  if this is the end of the world, I’m going to make sure I go out fighting against the wrong, whether I make it to Heaven or not.

This marks the end of the 1st verse and concludes part 1 of DEEN decoding his single “GO“. Stay tuned for part 2, where DEEN reveals that his chorus “hit the dance floor” is really a “call to arms“, speaks on Armageddon, and encourages listeners to “stand up to the system“.

In the meantime, here’s the song in question:


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