Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 3.31.28 PMAmerican spoken-word artist D. Prosper‘s career started on the National Poetry Slam circuit, back in 1994. After winning several regional competitions, D. Prosper became one of the youngest spoken-word artists to compete and feature on the National Poetry Slam tour where, at the finals, he was ranked number 4 in the entire nation. It was through poetry and spoken-word that D. Prosper discovered his love for Hip Hop, and Prosper‘s roots in the rap game lie deep, having worked with legendary artists from Tupac and Biggie, to Lauryn HillMos Def, and 50 Cent.

“Understand what I mean? He who control images, control people’s self esteem.”

In 2012, D. Prosper received rave reviews when he released his debut mixtape #ATOM 12.12.12. Earlier this year, he released a short film entitled Children of Atom as a follow up to #ATOM 12.12.12. The short film was directed by Romulo Sans and released in conjunction with Vice magazine.

Children of Atom opens up with a news sample about the recent spike in stabbings, murders, and attacks on Muslims in the USA. It is an artistic, thought-provoking, and politically-charged video that features imagery like two niqab-clad women, or so-called “burqa bounty hunters”, dragging and swinging chains while walking through the street.

When asked why he made Islam and Muslims such a centerpiece of his video, D. Prosper answered,

“My family is Muslim and many people who I build with have come from that. Right now, terrorist must be the new word for n*gga. In America, they want you to be scared of something. It’s always fear. It’s all about, like, buying things. Like, let me buy a gun because I’m scared… Fear is a way to market and manipulate minds.”

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D.Prosper – “Children of Atom

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