Undergound Hip Hop heavyweight Vinnie Paz has recently released the single “God Bless” from his next solo EP, “Carry On Tradition” (which is expected to drop on October 29). This single was produced by Mikey Bingo.

A cleverly sampled vocal with hard hitting snares and thumping kicks makes for an instrumental fit for Hip Hop’s Alex Jones. Always managing to incorporate machismo, typical Hip Hop bravado and obscure knowledge into song form has been one of the reasons Paz has endured for so long in the game. With an unwavering stance in subject choices (another reason for his longevity), Vinnie‘s tried and tested formula never gets old. I’d venture that casual listeners would approve of this song, given the chance to hear just the chorus of this Hip Hop psalm. Carry on Tradition, no doubts with this track.

God Bless” is unadulterated Hip Hop music, so bless your mind and ears with a listen. This is two minutes and fifty two seconds of lyrical eargasms.

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