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Saudi Arabia, home to a budding Hip Hop culture & music industry. I didn’t believe it too, until I noticed the number of artists (courtesy of MidEast Dynasty) that call it home, be they natives or immigrants. However, not all the artists that come out of there are “one hunnid“.  Not by a long shot. There is hope though, and that comes in the form of Saudi-American rap artist, N.F..  Although he was raised in Washington D.C., he has consciously touched base with talent in the Middle East, if not just Saudi Arabia. With influence from the West, while nurturing a bond with the East, he has an insider’s perspective of Hip Hop that gives him an edge, something most Middle East based rappers do not have.

Proclaiming the Invincible Conscience“ EP project to be his best work to-dateN.F. is a force to be reckoned with.  An authentic and unpretentious mind, despite the lofty goals of being a second to none Hip Hop artist in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, goals I suspect N.F. can surpass, as evident with his recently released single, “Won’t Change“.

Delving into a velvety instrumental with a mellow yet menacing delivery & chock-full of metaphors, he takes us on a visit into his mind, revealing his conscientiousness and how music is his path to sobriety. Palestinian-American R&B singer, Samer, adds a phantasmal element to the song with his easy & steady style, a chorus that is the embodiment of the song’s vibe.

Looking to have your heart touched, or a positive message to get you through a rough spot? This is definitely a track for you.

N.F. feat. Samer “Won’t Change”

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