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Hip-hop is a competitive art, and since its inception, battling has been a major part of the culture.  The 2pac and Biggie feud took beefing in hip-hop to another level, ending with the deaths of the two rap legends.  Since then, many have done their best to make sure that rap beefs stay on record and they don’t spill into the streets.  The Middle East rap scene has seen plenty of beefs, but not many have escalated to violence off record.

This brings us to Arabian Knightz, MC Amin, & the Arab League All-Stars’ latest music video release “Respect“.  The song takes aim at rappers in Egypt, whom have been taking shots online, recording disses, and disrespecting not only Arabian Knightz/Arab League but their families, as well.  Taking it back to the essence of real hip-hop, Arabian Knightz/Arab League have responded with a diss of their own in the song “Respect“, which features a video shot from the point of view of a rapper that A.K. and Arab League beat up throughout the visual.

Here’s what Sphinx had to say about the whole situation:

“Funny, We talk about politics you get mad and HATE and say all we talk about is politics. We CALLED for REVOLUTION way before #JAN25, you get mad and HATE and say nothing is gonna happen. #JAN25 comes you’re all revolutionary rappers? We call for ARAB UNITY, you get mad and HATE saying we forgot about Egypt. We talk about Egypt you get mad and HATE because your song didnt get the views ours did without paying for it… you smile in our face and then talk behind our backs like we weren’t gonna hear about it… it’s a damn shame… when we showed nothing but respect and open doors for all of you… YES ALL OF YOU!!! OK YOU WANNA PLAY RUFF, OK SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!

If you’re trying to go to lyrical war with some of the best in the game, don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

Arab League All-Stars (MC Amin & Arabian Knightz) “Respect” official music video

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