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Still young in its development, the Pakistani rap scene has been dominated by a few acts, that seem to have more of an advantage financially than other more talented artists in the country.  However, growing technological advances around the world have begun to provide affordable options for the more financially limited artists, subsequently, evening the playing field.    Rebellious Antagonists is the most promising group to come out of this new wave of self-sufficient Pakistani rappers, who have taken control of their own musical destinies by recording, producing, and directing all of their own audio and visual content themselves.

True to their name, Rebellious Antagonists got themselves banned from Pakistani television and radio because of their songs against the corrupt system and mainstream.   RA is made up of two members Stoner Fy and Mr. Baloch, who both have experienced major losses in their lives, with Stoner Fy losing his Father 2 years ago and Mr. Baloch losing both his parents at an early age.

It’s this loss and the familiarity in struggle, that has brought them together and created a brotherly bond between the two. Rather than fall victims to their circumstances, they use them as motivation to speak out against the injustices and atrocities they feel are taking place in the world.

The difference between Rebellious Antagonists and other more popular acts in Pakistan is that you can feel RA are genuine and have a real purpose in their music.  When it comes to hip-hop, keeping it real is king.  Rebellious Antagonists do just that, and that’s why they are the hottest upcoming act in the nation.

Check out their debut music video, Guy Fawkes masks in tow and all:

Rebellious Antagonists “Love or Lust”

Directed by:  Zeeshan and Nouman

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