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With a week of speculation and tons of different first hand accounts about what happened during the fight between Math Hoffa and Serius Jones at Summer Madness 3, someone has finally leaked the video footage and we all get to see what really went down.

As you can see from the footage, Serius Jones mockingly yells “wooo” after one of Math‘s punchlines and is unexpectedly hit with a vicious right hook, which rocks him on his feet.  Math Hoffa then rushes him, grabs him by the neck, and pushes him to the floor.  From the camera angle, we can’t see if Serius tries to swing back during all of this, but what we do see is he is definitely not knocked out as many had been claiming, after the debacle.  Given the circumstances, it is obvious Serius Jones did not expect to get punched during the battle and Math Hoffa once again sucker punched another battler during one of his rounds with the first being Philly rapper J Dose, back in ’08.

Math Hoffa was apologetic on twitter the next day and even released a video blog explaining what had caused him to snap, followed by more apologies.  However, the backlash is heavy towards Math and this could spell the end of Math Hoffa‘s battle rap career, at least in the biggest, most respected battle league in the world, the URL.

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Summer Madness is the Ultimate Rap League‘s biggest battle rap event of the year.  Boasting the “Barz Over Names” slogan for this year, even with limited promotion the event was an instant sell out and celebrities like NBA Superstar Kevin Durant and World Champion boxer Adrien Broner were all out in full attendance to watch this historic event.  However, the night was marred by violence and cut 2 battles short when a fight broke out during the Serius Jones vs Math Hoffa battle.

Now, keep in mind, ever since the Grindtime and URL era of battle rap, these promotional companies have made it a priority to make sure no violence or physical altercations take place amongst battlers during their events, with some even speculating that such stipulations are even mentioned in the battler’s contracts.  Summer Madness 3 marked the first time a fight has ever broken out on stage during a URL event , since its launch back in 2009.

The fight has serious repercussions, jeopardizing a URL/UFF TV deal with BET, causing the URL to allegedly lose over $10k USD, and compromising future events because venues will now have legitimate concerns about violence breaking out at these shows.

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